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Choose Canada Carpets for a flawless cleaning of your carpet!

Your rug will come out clean and neat from the workshop.

Rejuvenate your carpet

My main mission is to improve the appearance of your interior space through the cleaning of the carpets. The goal is to give a whole new look to your carpet and I have the necessary equipment and the required skills to do the job. I am skilled in various dirt extraction techniques and I can handle works of all sizes. To save time, I use vertical dryers and I work with the utmost care and attention on delicate carpets.

"I can handle the job whatever the surface area of your carpet"

Nettoyage de carpette Laval
Nettoyage de carpette Montreal

Benefit from optimal results

I can get rid of the stains on your carpet! By entrusting the washing of your carpet to me, you are guaranteed optimal results. Why? Well, I am one of the best in the field. I make sure to preserve the quality of the material while increasing its lifespan. My services also include the maintenance of your carpet. Feel free to call me for your carpet cleaning needs!

"I am one of the best in the field of carpet cleaning"

My guiding principles:

  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Customer satisfaction

For more information, go directly to the form!

5480 Vanden-Abeele,

Saint-Laurent QC H4S 1P9